Cable Assembly

TMS has over 25 years of cable assembly manufacturing experience providing a full range of power leads, signal cables and wiring looms.

We have a wide range of manual and semi-automated cable assembly tooling and test equipment.

TMS has supplied cables to various industries including Military, Automotive, Medical, Broadcasting and Commercial, for high integrity data communication and power applications including specialised shielding, braided, ribbon and Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable types.

Wiring Loom/Harness

TMS offers a wiring loom/harness service for high integrity analogue or digital data transmission applications.

Wiring looms can be constructed from various insulation types including PVC, PTFE, LSZH, Silicone etc.

We can provide outer protection using braided sheaths, ruggedized convoluted tubing, spiral wrap or just plain cable ties, as required. From simple single wire to complex multi-cable looms we are happy to discuss your requirements.


Wiring Loom/Harness Production Equipment

TMS uses a wide range of manual and semi-automated equipment for cutting, stripping and terminating various cable types to ensure consistent quality throughout the production process.
cable id

Cable ID

Various cable identification labels are available from laser printed with clear heat shrink to polymide chemical and heat resistant labels.

The labels can be customised to include Barcodes, QR code, logos, textual and numerical descriptors.

TMS has auto incrementing hot foil thermal transfer printers for direct permanent marking of cable sheaths.


100% Testing

All our cables are 100% tested during production in accordance with their test specification or, at minimum, for continuity and shorts.

Completed cables are selected at random for further testing by Test & Inspection personnel.

TMS can design and manufacture bespoke test equipment and adapters for specific cable assemblies if required.


Tensile Strength Pull Tests

TMS carry out sample destructive tensile pull tests on all crimp terminals pre and post batch production runs.

Test reports are copied to the ‘Client Area’ for customer inspection.