PCB, Cable and Mechanical Prototype Assembly


From a functional specification, TMS can carry out the electronic design of a prototype circuit diagram.

TMS offers a fast and cost effective PCB prototyping service by designing and producing the PCB track photo positives from the prototype circuit diagram. We then carry out the board exposure and etching processes in-house for single or double sided PCB bare boards.

After producing the PCB bare board, we would hand place or machine place the components depending on the board complexity prior to re-flow soldering the prototype board.

Once completed, full testing of the prototype PCB can be carried out prior to commencing a production run.


PCB component to pad verification

At TMS we understand the value of prototyping for design verification and also in New Product Introduction (NPI) planning.

Using the prototype, we work closely with the customer detailing all aspects of the assembly including building a 2D model of the SMT assembly to ensure all component to pad layouts are correct.

The component to pad production verification service we provide as standard prevents potentially costly modifications to PCBs following final assembly.



TMS can provide cable and wiring loom prototype assembly services for stand-alone cables or where cables are integrated with PCB assembly work. Once completed, full testing of the prototype cable or wiring loom can be carried out prior to commencing a production run.


TMS can offer in-house 3D design for enclosures and parts along with 3D printing and full mechanical assembly.