PCB Assembly

Cable Assembly

TMS offers a comprehensive PCB Reverse Engineering service:

Customers may find that they have a requirement to reproduce or update a previously manufactured PCB assembly. If the engineering and production documentation has been lost it may still be possible to regenerate the documentation by reverse engineering an existing PCB sample.

The viability of reverse engineering an existing PCB is dependent on the complexity of the original PCB. The complete reverse engineering process can be very time consuming and often it would be more cost effective to carry out a full re-design instead.

The first step is to check how many layers the PCB is constructed from. Single and double sided boards are usually quite straight forward to reverse engineer. However, multi-layer boards will generally prove to be uneconomical to reverse engineer.

Provided the PCB is viable to reverse engineer, the next step is to identify all the components and their values.
We can carry out component recognition and values identification using various electronic test equipment and visual aids. From the analysis, we will produce a Bill of Materials including manufacturers part references, availability and (where necessary) equivalent or improved parts recommendations.

If the components can all be identified and are still available then, using the original PCB, we will reverse engineer it to produce the circuit diagram along with the PCB layout and legends for the production Gerber files.

From all the collected reverse engineering information we can then produce a pre-production prototype for the customer to check and test. Once approved, the bare board PCBs can be manufactured and production commenced.

TH to SMD Conversions

TMS also offer a TH (through hole) to SMD (Surface Mount Device) design service, ideal for updating old designs to make them smaller and more cost effective.

Cables Reverse Engineering

TMS also offers a full reverse engineering service for cable assemblies or wiring looms.

We can manufacture a duplicate cable provided the component parts are still available.

If the connectors are unavailable, TMS can often refurbish the cable assembly using the existing parts.