TMS – PCB Assembly in our full ESD safe Factory


  • Full ESD safe factory with regular mandatory ESD level checks.
  • Humidity controlled storage for components & PCB’s.
  • SMT pick & place from 0402 to QFP/BGA.
  • 8 zone convection reflow for SMT components PCBs up to 300mm width.
  • Wave soldering with SN100C for Through Hole Technology components PCBs up to 350mm width.
  • Yestek AOI for pre & post SMT assembly inspection of every board, with each image saved and archived.
  • Conformal coating and potting options are available.
  • All assemblies built to IPC-A-610E.



SMT Assembly

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components are positioned on the PCBs using our precision pick and place machine which can place from 0402 to BGA/QFP. We can also hand assemble if required or for small volume work.

We use Indium 8.9 Type 4 lead free solder paste with high quality stainless steel solder screens for PCB printing. Hand assembly work is carried out using our precision pneumatic digital solder dispenser.

We have over 80 feeders capacity on our pick and place machine ranging from 8mm to 32mm Tape sizes and matrix tray loading.
All SMT assemblies are reflowed using our 8 zone convection reflow oven.

TH Assembly

TH (Through Hole) components, radial, axial and connectors, are soldered onto the  PCBs using our lead free wave soldering machine which can process board widths of  up to 350mm.

All our staff are IPC trained to ensure they produce good quality solder joints on manually soldered PCBs.

SN100C lead free solder is used throughout for wave and hand soldering.

We use pre-forming machines for axial lead components to ensure the correct bend radius to prevent damage to the component body, this also gives a neat  and professional finish to the assembled PCB.

Batch Traceability

All PCB’s are uniquely identified prior to assembly using a printed polyimide label. The labels are used to record details about the assembly during and after production.

Polyimide labels are heat and chemical resistant and can withstand the high reflow temperatures and ultrasonic cleaning processes.

The labels can be customised to include QR and Barcodes, logos, textual and numerical descriptors.